Endless Prusik Loop
Endless Prusik Loop
Endless Prusik Loop
Endless Prusik Loop
Endless Prusik Loop
Endless Prusik Loop
Endless Prusik Loop
Endless Prusik Loop
Endless Prusik Loop
Endless Prusik Loop

Endless Prusik Loop

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Technical SPECS

6.8 mm Endless Prusik Loop
Material: 100% Technora
Construction: 16-strands hollow braid
Diameter: 17/64 inch / 6.8 mm
Length: 15 inch / 38.5 cm for prusik loop (the length of the loop when flat pull)
Net weight: 25 g / 0.88 Oz
Strength: 25 kN / 5600 Lbs
Used with main ropes of 8~11 mm / 5/16~7/16 inch (Dia.)


  •     Heat Resistant up to 923°F/500°C
  •     High resistance to abrasion, excellent fatigue tolerance
  •     Unbeatable durability, high tensile strength of 25kN/5600Lbs
  •     Offering firm grip onto main ropes
  •     Light and compact, easy to carry on
  •     Versatile in both professional and recreational uses


  •     Assistance in ascending a rope
  •     Process capture in hauling/dragging/tensioning System
  •     Back-up for belying
  •     Tandem rappelling
  •     Self-rescue in emergency

Friction Hitch Knots

  • Classic hitch knots for a loop or a sling to create friction and to grip on to another rope.
  • It slides when not weighted and solidly lock around the rope when loaded.
  • Note: Klemheist only lock in one loading direction.

Easy Operation

  • Easy to tie, "clear" to inspect, fast to adjust during operation.
  • Compared to mechanical grab, Prusik loop/sling features a much lighter weight and a compact profile.
  • It does almost no damage to main ropes and a variety of hitch knots could be tied from for various functions.

Versatile and Powerful

  • Commonly used in climbing activities, like abseiling, vertical rope ascending in the situation of emergency, escape the belay system, back up a rappel.
  • Widely applied to capture progress on a moving rope, typically in pulley mechanical systems, to be tied into lanyards and create adjustable anchors, fliplines, etc.


This hardware kit is incredible. The pulleys are smooth rolling, The biners are high quality as is the rest of the kit. glad I chose this kit.

Jeremiah H.

I finally got to use these for summer camp and they worked very well. I was very pleased with them quality is great. Only thing that would be nice is a diagram or pamphlet on different set up options; which is not a big deal. You can find that info online.

D. Rumpf

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