Coupons and Specials

We present coupons, clearance items, special offers, discounts, deals here. There are also activities now and then for you to participate for a chance to win a giveaway, new products test, etc.
Get you specials and coupons below. SAVE MORE!

1. Coupons

Learn more on how to apply a coupon.

5% OFF on all orders

2. Special Offers


3. Clearance Items

How to apply a coupon?

Find on this page the coupons that you’d like to use. Copy the code and enter it as prompted during the checkout.
Be attentive to:

  • Apply the coupon before the expiry date.
  • Only one coupon could be used during check-out.
  • Limited times of usage on one coupon for each account, which varies between coupons.



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