We’re a team of people who are passionate about outdoor life, and people who enjoy life in caring and exploring.

It's our goal that more people make uses of durable and safe gear at affordable costs when working at height, taking adventures in-depth, enjoying the outdoors. We're able to focus on what we're doing while benefit from gear's efficient functions and advantages.

Since 2009, we've been working with various manufacturing companies worldwide to achieve the best quality of the products at most. We also cooperate with the testing companies in Europe to have products examined and guaranteed to conform to types and standards.

Online selling started in 2012. We’re able to reach customers and users across the globe. We cut down huge expenses of running a brick-and-mortar store and streamline selling procedures. We pass savings to the production of premier products and lower products' prices to offer the best to our customers.

In the increased popularity with customers and users, GM CLIMBING continues to expand. We appreciate greatly your continuous support. We listen to the growing demands of our customers and users and bring more and better products.

Always caring about Earth Mother. Manuals that come with products are made of 100% cycled papers. In the case of safe storage and transportation guaranteed, we're working to reduce packaging materials as much as we can to protect nature where we live in.



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