Rappel Ring Small - Black
Rappel Ring Small - Black
Rappel Ring Small - Black
Rappel Ring Small - Black
Rappel Ring Small - Black
Rappel Ring Small - Black
Rappel Ring Small - Black
Rappel Ring Small - Black
Rappel Ring Small - Black

Rappel Ring Small - Black

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Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy, Anodised, Hot Forged
Breaking Strength: 25kN / 5600lb
Inner Diameter: 2.7cm / 1.1in
Outer Diameter: 5.1cm / 2.0in
Thickness: 1.2cm / 0.47in
Net weight: 38g / 1.34Oz per piece


What a simple aluminum ring can do? Right Beyond Your Imagination!
You first find it work as a simple device in bail-out when other belay or rappel device is not available. Then, it appears in the climber's harness bridge to attach climber to working system without damaging lanyards. When you try to set up an anchor point, it's there for you.

  • A connecting point for attachments from all direction in rigging systems.
  • Small + large ring, a smart friction saver device to protect your rope from abrasion due to friction.
  • More...

Never thought it goes so far as to work in pairs to hang hammocks, keeping devoting in areas other than climbing. Man creates tool and benefits!

  • Light: weighs less than 2 Oz per piece due to aircraft-grade aluminum, easy to carry
  • Strong:25kN / 5600lb breaking strength, equal to or larger than most carabiners
  • Seamless Forging: solid construction, safe from every angle
  • 360°All-Round: Beautifully round shape gives ring capability to withstand forces from all direction. You will no longer worry about improper loading direction.
  • SMOOTH ROPE PULL: thickness up to 12mm / 1/2inch provides smooth rope / webbing pulling, avoiding stuck rope.

Work in single unit: 360° All-Round Connecting Point
Reduce friction to protect textile gear: webbing and rope

When a webbing or rope slides over another textile gear or gear with sharp edges, it generages plenty of friction which will largely cut down the service life of rope/webbing.

Just attach the rappel ring to the "static" part, which allows rope/webbing to slide over a 360° All-Round rappel ring to reduce unnecessary fricetion and protect textile gears. Nice and easy, smooth than ever~~~

Avoid improper loading direction

A carabiner finds itself in a dilemma when it needs to connect itself to other two loadings from east and west sides. If directly connecting, cross loading happens. What to do?

Rappel ring is here to solve the problem. Attach the carabiner to the rappel ring which connects itself to these two loadings from oopposite directions. Simple and Powerful!

Work in A PAIR: Easiest SRL (Structural Ridgeline) Tension Controller

With a pair of rappel rings, hammock is able to be adjusted while hanging. Attach the hammock rigging cord to rings with Garda Hitch. Garda hitch let rope move in one direction, but not in the other.

  1. Weight of hammock won't cause the cord to move or add more slack.
  2. However, when you try to tension the hammock, just pull the other side (free side) of the hitch. Cord moves smoothly.

Easy and Efficient!


This hardware kit is incredible. The pulleys are smooth rolling, The biners are high quality as is the rest of the kit. glad I chose this kit.

Jeremiah H.

I finally got to use these for summer camp and they worked very well. I was very pleased with them quality is great. Only thing that would be nice is a diagram or pamphlet on different set up options; which is not a big deal. You can find that info online.

D. Rumpf