6mm (1/4in) Prusik Loop Pre-Sewn 12in - Green
6mm (1/4in) Prusik Loop Pre-Sewn 12in - Green
6mm (1/4in) Prusik Loop Pre-Sewn 12in - Green
6mm (1/4in) Prusik Loop Pre-Sewn 12in - Green
6mm (1/4in) Prusik Loop Pre-Sewn 12in - Green

6mm (1/4in) Prusik Loop Pre-Sewn 12in - Green

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Length: 12in / 30cm (the length of loop when flat pull)
Diameter: 6mm / 1/4 in
Used with Rope of 8~10mm (Dia.)

Material: Polyester
Loop Strength: 14kN / 3150lb
Loop Work Load Limit: 2.8kN / 630lb



  • 6mm pre-sewn prusik loop is made of 6mm accessory cord (both CE and UIAA certified) which features excellent abrasion-resistance, high strength and long lasting performance. Used with Rope of 8~10mm (Dia.)
  • Supple in handling, flexible and easy to tie knots. Simple While Powerful! You could find it an amazing gear in 100 outdoor applications.
  • With heat shrink tube over solidly sewn stitching part, the prusik loop is safer and better than prusik cord with knots.
  • High Abrasion Resistance! Double braid, braided core with braided cover, well elaborated rope construction to make the cord super firm, and this “sturdy sheath” gives it great abrasion resistance which guarantees long-life utilization.
  • High resistance to moisture, low stretch and high strength! All is due to its all high tenacity polyester material. One more advantage adds to its excellent outdoor environment adaption.
  • Compared to mechanical grab, Prusik cord is much lighter and more compact, taking little space in your rack. It also does almost no damage to host rope and could work in both directions during application.
  • You could find it a super versatile gear in you rack whether you go for rock climbing, tree climbing, mountaineering, caving, or rescue / hauling system set-up, etc.


Assistance in ascending a rope
Process capture in hauling/dragging/tensioning System
Back-up for belying
Tandem rappelling
Self-rescue in emergency


This hardware kit is incredible. The pulleys are smooth rolling, The biners are high quality as is the rest of the kit. glad I chose this kit.

Jeremiah H.

I finally got to use these for summer camp and they worked very well. I was very pleased with them quality is great. Only thing that would be nice is a diagram or pamphlet on different set up options; which is not a big deal. You can find that info online.

D. Rumpf