8mm (5/16in) VT Prusik Hitch Cord - 32 inch
8mm (5/16in) VT Prusik Hitch Cord - 32 inch
8mm (5/16in) VT Prusik Hitch Cord - 32 inch
8mm (5/16in) VT Prusik Hitch Cord - 32 inch
8mm (5/16in) VT Prusik Hitch Cord - 32 inch
8mm (5/16in) VT Prusik Hitch Cord - 32 inch
8mm (5/16in) VT Prusik Hitch Cord - 32 inch

8mm (5/16in) VT Prusik Hitch Cord - 32 inch

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Length: 82cm / 32inch (end to end)

Diameter: 8mm / 5/16 inch
Material: Sheath-Technora; Core-Nylon
End-to-end MBS: 20 kN / 4500 LBS
Basket MBS: 30 kN / 6750 LBS
Used with main ropes of 8~12.5 mm / 5/16~1/2 inch (Dia.)
Tie various hitch knots: VT/Distel/Schwabisch/Prusik

  • For use in SRT/DDRT climbing systems, hauling, dragging, rigging mechanical advantage pulley systems
  • Assistance in ascending ropes, rappeling, or abseil backup
  • Self-rescue in emergency
  • Heat resistant up to 923°F/500°C
  • High resistance to abrasion, excellent fatigue tolerance
  • Unbeatable durability, 30kN Basket MBS(Min. Breaking Strength) and 20kN End-to-end MBS
  • Light and compact, easy to carry on
  • Versatile in both professional and recreational uses
  • You could find it a super versatile gear in your rack whether you go for rock climbing, tree climbing, mountaineering, caving, or rescue / hauling system set-up, etc.
  • Compared to mechanical grab, Prusik cord is much lighter and more compact, taking little space in your rack.
  • It also does almost no damage to host rope and could work in both directions during application.


  • GM CLIMBING 8mm VT Prusik Hitch Cord, 32" length, heat resistant cord of 100% Technora sheath and Nylon core, with professional sewn eyes at ends. Used to tie various friction hitches (VT, Distel, Schwabisch, Prusik) and to be incorporated in SRT, DDRT climbing systems, mechanical advantage pulley systems in tree care, arborist, rigging, hauling, caving, canyoneering, crevasse rescue. Can generate firm bites on ropes of 8~12.5 mm (5/16 to 1/2 inch).
  • HEAT RESISTANT FRICTION Hitch Cord made of 100% Technora sheath, aramid yarn produced by Teijin (other aramid yarn trade names like Twaron, Kevlar by different manufacturers) that offers high resistance to heat damage up to 923°F/500°C. Technora can withstand massive heat which even burns out general nylon/polyester sheath, particularly in fast descents. The indispensable protection for backup self-belaying or rappelling below/above the belay device, and SRT/DDRT rope access.
  • HIGH BREAKING STRENGTH! 30kN Basket MBS(Min. Breaking Strength) and 20kN End-to-end MBS, the hitch cord excels in both professional and general uses. Characterized by high resistance to abrasion, excellent fatigue tolerance, and art-of-state machinery stitching part sewn with black Kevlar threads and well protected by a thick heat shrink sleeve, the hitch cord achieves unbeatable durability and much longer service life.
  • Easy to tie, dress and untie various hitch knots (VT, Distel, Schwabisch, asymmetrical/symmetrical Prusik). When hitches onto ropes under load, due to the unique braid, the hitch cord tends to flatten and gives a tight bite on a wide range of ropes 8~12.5 mm (5/16 to 1/2 inch).
  • One of the most versatile gears added to your rack, compact and light, easy for carrying, convenient for a wide variety of uses, from ascending ropes, rappel or abseil backup, making tandem prusik belay in rescue, adjustable anchor set-up, to general recreational sports and activities, like rigging aerial yoga silk, hanging tarps and hammocks.


This hardware kit is incredible. The pulleys are smooth rolling, The biners are high quality as is the rest of the kit. glad I chose this kit.

Jeremiah H.

I finally got to use these for summer camp and they worked very well. I was very pleased with them quality is great. Only thing that would be nice is a diagram or pamphlet on different set up options; which is not a big deal. You can find that info online.

D. Rumpf