Oval Twist Locking Carabiner Silver
Oval Twist Locking Carabiner Silver
Oval Twist Locking Carabiner Silver

Oval Twist Locking Carabiner Silver

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Locking: Twist locking
Material: 7075 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy, hot-forged
Standard Finish: Anodized
Dimension: 110 x 61mm / 4.33x 2.4inch
Gate Opening: 21mm / 0.83inch
Net Weight: 80g / 2.82Oz
Breaking Strength:

  • Major axis: 27kN
  • Minor axis: 9kN
  • Open gate: 7kN

Certificate: CE EN12275, UIAA


Symmetrical Oval Shape
With round angles and symmetrical shape, oval carabiner is the optimal choice for devices like ascender, pulley, with wide connecting part.

Smooth Rotation of Carabiner
In practical operations, we need carabiner to rotate smoothly when connected.
Having broad angles that allow smooth and rapid rotation, oval carabiner is highly recommended to use with devices like pulley with fixed sides which are easy to be caught by angular angles of carabiner.

Balanced Loading
Symmetrical shape helps equilibrate loading.
Therefore, if there is pulley, there is oval carabiner.

Key Lock - Snag Free
Key Lock style is designed to prevent snagging of gear, bolt or ropes.

Locking Mechanism
Two actions: screw down → push, are required to open the gate of carabiner. Safe locking mechanism for works at height.
The surface of locking sleeve is designed to be lumpy to facilitate operations when wearing gloves by increasing friction.


This hardware kit is incredible. The pulleys are smooth rolling, The biners are high quality as is the rest of the kit. glad I chose this kit.

Jeremiah H.

I finally got to use these for summer camp and they worked very well. I was very pleased with them quality is great. Only thing that would be nice is a diagram or pamphlet on different set up options; which is not a big deal. You can find that info online.

D. Rumpf